Vie100 Mangosteen (currently unavailable).

Vie100 Mangosteen (currently unavailable)

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This health product is undergoing further R&D activities and unfortunately it is unavailable until further notice.

The “Jewel in the Crown”, the pride of newly formed ArrowLine Healthcare Ltd

THE BIG DETOX – courtesy of the fact that the Xanthone content delivers an antioxidant strength ten times higher than most others as recognised by the American Journal of Nutrition.

Live as Nature Intended!

It all starts with what nature provides us. Mangosteen is widely acknowledged as a Super-Fruit steeped in polyphenol antioxidants with 43 xanthones in total.

Queen Victoria labelled it the “Queen of All fruits”. It has been found very beneficial to many health problems of both an acute and chronic nature. ArrowLine is at the forefront of product development here with it’s own unique highly promising brand VIE100.

Today we capture the sweet purity of the pulp in the form of a delicious bottled premium health tonic with a high level of antioxidants; in addition we capture an extraordinary level of Xanthone anti-oxidants from the very bitter outer layers of the fruit pericarp; we grind and dry it to a dissolvable powder form, that is readily absorbed by the body.

Vie100 is a potent dietary healthcare food supplement to be taken in addition to a normal diet

We are busy driving availability OF VIE100 MANGOSTEEN PLATINUM on a global basis in markets where they recognise the amazing power of this fruit. UP TO 400 MEDICAL STUDIES BETWEEN 2009 AND 2013 SUPPORTING ITS USE IN A VARIETY OF THERAPEUTIC AREAS -INCLUDING EARLY STAGE CANCER,DIABETES, PSORIASIS, INFLAMMATION ….sadly the power has yet to be recognised by Brussels but one day we hope they too might see the merits of this marvel of nature.