Phuket Beer – Globalisation.

Phuket Beer – Globalisation

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Phuket beer was founded as original island beer. In 2011 ArrowLine assisted this beautiful fledgling brand find a new lease of life – to help determine effort priorities at all levels in the business – determining geographical territory focus, assisting more efficient “routes to market”, designing channel management programmes, re-branding the product and designing a marketing support package.

We helped prioritise the markets with USA, Japan and UK/Ireland the top 3. For the UK, along with other European markets, we looked at establishing a new legal entity in Europe with a distribution centre in Rotterdam – along with appropriate capital, human and IT infrastructure. The final outcome was for ArrowLine Trading Ltd itself to take on the beer. The brand was seeded in various different trade channels on test. After 12 months we pulled out due to poor financials – coming from excessive upfront duty,tight margins and intense discounting.

A new brand identity was delivered with the assistance of another professional design house. The design house were asked to pick up on the key mnemonics/equities and inject stronger beer values to all packaging components, addressing the need for more cost effective material in the process. A strategy was also put in place to ensure more efficiency/focus on relevant support materials – eliminating wastage. E.g. appropriate In- store POS to heighten visibility, appropriate merchandise for restaurants.