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Miracles in the Making

ArrowLine is a company breaking new ground in healthcare initiatives from the Orient; it’s mission is acting as a gateway to new healthy eating habits where sensory pleasure, health and well being become one.

It has strong belief in getting back to basics and LIVING AS NATURE INTENDED pursuing NATURAL PRODUCE and/or products with distinct natural health benefits. Integrative healthcare is fast gaining recognition amongst consumers as better practice – If Mother Nature provided us such marvels in natural product why would we ignore it!

ArrowLine has equally strong belief in sustainable produce and is actively pursuing strategies in the local community to ensure sustainable development of produce and benefits for local farmers who grow the base produce.

ArrowLine in the feild

Image above: Arrowline in the field reviewing the almighty GAC fruit. Another amazing superfruit with health benefits yet to be embraced… Natures alternative to Big pharma

VIE100 MANGOSTEEN is our first major initiative receiving no end of attention around the world due to its unique attributes designed to deliver against a variety of consumer need states. As we say “Miraculous Mangosteen” has long been held a winner in the field of traditional medicine in Asian quarters and over the last decade it has received much medical attention in the USA with extensive clinical support. In Singapore today The National University of Singapore is undertaking major new studies in the belief that the xanthones contained within can help in new therapeutic areas. As for us – we scrape the xanthones from a particular layer of the fruit to enhance potency and bring 100% purity.

Adding to the excitement we will soon bring you a super-fruit juice and a one-shot tonic.

Integrative healthcare

We believe that nature provides all that we need and we should “Live as nature intended”. We do not decry the need for medicine or devalue its role, more the point we believe the combination of official medicine with traditional remedies has a lot to offer. One important gentleman behind VIE100 is testament to the fact. He eulogizes that his insulin levels are now under control as a result of combining his prescription medicine with our prodcut. His own doctor is dumbfounded by the results. We don’t have the finances for major clinical today –only our faith – but one day maybe this might change. Go to www.vie100.co.uk – or find us in Singapore, Australia – and soon the USA.


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