Who are we

A company pioneering our own innovative health food brands, marketing select others and in addition proudly selling a marketing consultancy service second to none. On the one hand we are fast emerging PRACTITIONERS OF HEALTH FOOD INNOVATION for ourselves – and on the other we are solid PRACTITIONERS OF BRAND & BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION for others.

ARROWLINE MARKETING LTD was founded 2008 as a one man band; today it is now a flourishing brand/business consultancy business of multiple dimension. We are staffed with experienced FMCG/Healthcare managment professionals providing assistance in all areas of brand management to companies big and small. We fuse multinational commercial talent with an in-house design capability of enormous dimension; and when we require the added expertise in specialist skills we know exactly where to get it via our extensive talent network. We service clients owning familiar household brands as we service smaller enterprise in the form of budding entrepreneurs.

Our Evolution

In 2013 after marketing other brands under the banner of “ARROWLINE TRADING LTD” we seized an opportunity to develop our own brands as manifest in our all-new high-powered antioxidant of extraordinary dimension- VIE100 mangosteen; we have now formed a new company ARROWLINE HEALTHCARE LTD to manage these activities. Our mission here is to focus on truly rich produce from the Orient.” Whilst at the moment we focus on VIE100 mangosteen we also have an exciting pipeline of other products in the making – but more of that later.

ArrowLine Boat